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Factory wholesale Rainbow Comb folding comb round mirror mini rainbow plastic Comb hair Comb 中文版| Report Item
Factory wholesale Rainbow Comb folding comb round mirror mini rainbow plastic Comb hair Comb Factory wholesale Rainbow Comb folding comb round mirror mini rainbow plastic Comb hair Comb
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  • Updated: 2017-11-09 15:07
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100pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 1.50 /pc
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Buyers must Read


The comb is small.


It's easy to put in the package and doesn't take up much space in the package.


To make the beauty of you in any occasion will not worry about the knot of hair


and mess brings the indecent



Comb is designed for massage head


Comb teeth smooth rounded, soft and comfortable, can do head massage and daily comb


The curvature of each comb is different. This design is to make the comb better close to the hair to eliminate static electricity, but also better to ease the hair knot, and comb the color of the design can make this comb in the shape of look more lovely and fashionable ~


The hottest comb of the year


This is a belt of air cushion, gently massage the scalp, dredge the meridians, improve sleep, prevent hair loss, anti-static almighty comb It can be straight hair comb more straight, curly hair comb more curly, comb the black and shiny, like used conditioner. Let your big wavy curls fluffy, straight hair more elegant


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Frequently used benefits


Often use can promote blood circulation, the flow of active, often used to help the scalp health, can effectively massage the head, can refresh the brain, relieve fatigue
The vent of the comb is designed to enable the airbag of the comb to be quickly blown up after being pressed down.
Comb the tooth under the airbag-type, in the hair, regardless of the last time the pressure or left-right comb hair, are very soft, combed hair smooth and slippery, for the knot of the hair super easy to use

Therapeutic massage Health Comb benefits, every use has a different feeling, long-term use of massage scalp can play a good role in rheumatoid arthritis pain, back with 13 massage head, the whole body can be gently beat can also play a role in massage oh, negative vibration massage can be scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, Play a very good auxiliary role oh. New style packaging for lovers, relatives, the best health gift. This product uses energy-saving environment-friendly ABS plastic production, with low power consumption, long life, strong waterproof, good efficacy and so on. Using two-section No. Fifth battery, long-term use can effectively improve sleep quality, promote brain blood circulation, effectively prevent hair loss. Comb back with massage head, vibration massage can be on the shoulder, cervical spondylosis play a good assistant massage effect.


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