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8058 stainless steel for child hand scratching itch scratch dollar wholesale shop 中文版| Report Item
8058 stainless steel for child hand scratching itch scratch dollar wholesale shop 8058 stainless steel for child hand scratching itch scratch dollar wholesale shop 8058 stainless steel for child hand scratching itch scratch dollar wholesale shop
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  • Updated: 2018-08-10 13:51
EXW Price:
Above 10000pcs   ¥ 0.42 /pc
5000pcs ~9999pcs   ¥ 0.45 /pc
500pcs ~4999pcs   ¥ 0.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Brand: Xin. Number: 8058 Origin: Yiwu
Can not print LOGO: Custom processing Application occasions: advertising promotion
Whether the patent source: no

stainless steel itch scratch length 44cm






1. color: all goods are taken in kind, try to make the color look real close, have tolerated a little color on the customer please carefully! To avoid unnecessary waste of money.
2. dimension of the problem, please buyers to purchase before look in detail product description or with our first communication, auction, please be sure that your product color and size, otherwise we will default describes delivery by title.
3. express: Express because of the different city, transport speed is not a. Especially in bad weather and statutory holidays, there will be a delay phenomenon. In addition, the quality of the courier company each network operator is also different, in the middle may occur in the individual outlets bad attitude or package damage, some sellers can not predict the unexpected factors. In short, what is not happy please contact us, we will actively communicate with the courier company to solve.
4. lost usually loss of commodities is because the package is destruction, if it is found that the parcel tape is replacing damaged or torn, fracture, unpacking traces, please do not sign. If the package is not verified the receipt that the goods loss, shortage or transport caused by the accident, we very difficult to shoulder the responsibility of hope you understand. If it is a security or a sign of the sign, please inform them in advance of the goods in the package.
5. quality problems: to be apart of the things before shipment we will try to open repeatedly check and strict inspection, size and color is not we shipped negligence caused, such as the need to swap freight borne by the buyer, if indeed after receiving found quality problems, within 48 hours of receipt of timely contact us please, providing relevant evidence pictures, a proper solution for you, postage, we assume. Note: underwear and socks do not accept any exchange or return after use! Please check carefully before application! Since each customer requires a different, it is not possible to do so in any customer's eyes are perfect. Some do not affect the application of small flaws, I hope you do not care too seriously.
6. on the evaluation: we will do all the efforts of prices on the quality of virtuous example, create a fair and harmonious shopping environment, upgrade national shopping environment and habits, benefits of online shopping, we need to cherish together to maintain and conscience to treat every brushstroke business behavior. We will strive to pursue 100% high praise, very much welcome everyone to our reasonable evaluation. It is true that the issue of the problem, the first to achieve communication, resolve misunderstandings and contradictions, can be negotiated settlement, we will be responsible for our negligence and responsibility. Understanding and respect is mutual! Some of the villains and the conspiracy of buyers please stay away from this piece of pure land

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