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Cartridge buckskin napkin, multifunctional Lupi towels, wipes, absorbent wipes 中文版| Report Item
Cartridge buckskin napkin, multifunctional Lupi towels, wipes, absorbent wipes Cartridge buckskin napkin, multifunctional Lupi towels, wipes, absorbent wipes Cartridge buckskin napkin, multifunctional Lupi towels, wipes, absorbent wipes
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  • Updated: 2017-03-15 13:16
  • Synthetic chamois towel belongs to an upmarket household towels, are alternatives to lives of ordinary towels, and ordinary towels are different, it has upscale packaging, more comfortable and delicate surface, strong hundredfold suction effect, lint-flocculation, and easier to clean than a towel, more durable and versatile.
EXW Price:
Above 1000pcs   ¥ 4.00 /pc
500pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 4.20 /pc
300pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 4.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Color: yellow, blue, pink

Size: 66*43*0.2CM

Small: 44*33*0.2

After the pet takes a bath is not particularly easy to wipe, easy to make pets ill, pets with a chamois towel wrap, either on the pet's body in a short time water is clean, make pets more lovely and healthy.

Absorbent towels, this strong suction power, wash sweater Moose after just two to suck water above 90%, can also be used to test wet carpets and thicker clothes: does not damage the original fibers of the clothing, avoiding the carpet mildew smell due to long wet and grubby consequences.

Product details:

  Human use chamois towels, has been widely used in Europe for many years ago;Strong suction power, soft to the touch, lightly wipe all water can be drained immediately attribute has been widely recognized;Wash hair, dry hair can be immediately wiped twice 90%;Use after bath will not leave any water droplets;Beloved pets bathed in cold schedule will be reduced;This product after exercise than normal towel low temperature physical properties will be your summer good;More important is its specially strengthened and mold proofing antibacterial processing, rub-resistant and durable, one arrives in cloth, ten, easy to clean, grease residue removal.


Strong suction power, and
toughness, tensile, tear, one arrives in ten;
soft, tactile detail;
used to wipe the hair replacement hair dryer;
when using contact area than standard towels as low as 2 degrees, than ordinary towels is cool;
hard when dry, reduce bacterial invasions.

Method of use:

1. When a new opening, please rub this product with water for 10 seconds, remove the moisturizer wring.
2. This product is dry and hard lumps, wet in water before use really soft, wring you can use.
3. When this product is used in a ventilated place, need to continue using, put the tank can keep this package soft

Product information

Chamois car wash cloth

Brief introduction:
1, absorbent, detergency and good feeling, the texture is soft and will not scratch the surface, wipe the water marks and no residue after batting.
2, toughness, absorbent, easy maintenance for tensile and tear-resistant.
3, comfortable feel smooth, smooth surface detail, long use a lint ball.
4, when not placed in ventilated places, it will dry out, it is difficult to breed bacteria, hygiene, using soaked in water to soften it again.

Range of application:
1, clean the hair and skin, don't make the hairs get hurt or you can leave hair dry in 30 seconds.

2, suitable for scrubbing car is auto detailing products.
3, suitable for cleaning displays, appliances and other valuables.

Large wiping cloth using fiber residue-free, lint, and easy to clean after use, dried and not hardened, can be used repeatedly. Large wiping cloth shape to a square design, market wholesale price of 5.8 yuan each, packing quantity is 100 PCs/CTN, volume 1. Large wiping cloth made of high quality material made of deerskin, surface after embossing process, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, using transparent plastic cylinder package. Large wiping cloth with superior absorption of dust, Super absorbent and the ability to remove grease, soft, wipe without water mark, especially for car detailing
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